Interview: Frank Wiebeler, Founder of ag-tech company dev4Agriculture

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Who are you and what´s your business?
I´m Frank, founder of dev4Agriculture. Digitalization in agriculture is a big challenge for farmer as well as for machine and software manufacturers. Growing requirements in documentation and optimization of food chain and renewable energies do not only require single brand solutions but also the combination of specialized products. This multibrand data exchange requires standards and validation. Founded in May 2018, dev4Agriculture is specialized on the exchange of agricultural data and works on a better compatibility independent of machine or brand.

Frank is an Entrepreneur who helps farmers getting data from machines to software systems and vice versa. He focuses on the B2B area and cooperates with different companies that offer software for farmers. His work leads to new connections between new software products. Franks goal is to support agricultural data exchange with open standards and help developers understand and handle these standards.

Why do you work in Coworking Spaces? Or what do you like about coworking?
To stay innovative, I travel to other cities over and over again. I usually don’t know anyone here, which is why coworking is ideal for me to get into a conversation with other people. For me, coworking is a great way to meet new people, for example at the coffee machine. I also know myself pretty well. After the third day in the home office, it gets challenging to stay focused. Changing the environment helps to keep the concentration, especially when you’re surrounded by other people focusing on work.

What do you use DESKCLOUD for and how does DESKCLOUD help you to improve your everyday business life?
DESKCLOUD was recommended to me by, which is also a cooperation partner of DESKCLOUD besides other great coworking spaces. Recently I spent a week in Berlin on business and could check-in where I wanted to. This saves time and stress. Furthermore, no complex check-in for one day ticket invoice creations is required and no prices have to be compared. With DESKCLOUD I have no loss of time and can work easily and flexibly – no matter where I am. I no longer ask myself every day the question about a day pass and pay once a month a fixed amount. This simplifies coworking a lot and motivates me to discover many new great coworking spaces with inspiring people.

Why would you recommend DESKCLOUD?
I use DESKCLOUD for more freedom and flexibility. Working with only one membership in different coworking spaces is great! I recommend DESKCLOUD for two reasons. First, I want to get people excited about coworking and bring them into the coworking spaces. Secondly, I am enthusiastic about the DESKCLOUD concept and plan permanent use to work in innovative working environments with great people.


About Frank
Frank Wiebeler, born in 1986, started coding at the age of 13, writing several applications like a graphics program. After studying mechanical engineering and computer science at the university of applied sciences Münster, he worked in the field of agricultural data management for a manufacturer of agricultural machinery. For the last 7 years, he spent his time coding, analyzing agricultural data and helping to define open data exchange standards for those data.

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