Interview – Norman Hilbert, founder of Supervision Rheinland

Alina Ley New Work

Who are you and what´s your business?
I am Norman Hilbert, founder of Supervision Rheinland. As an expert on project management and agile leadership in complex projects, I provide coaching and consulting services to corporates and SMEs. An important part of my work is the pragmatic implementation of agile methodologies: properly implemented, they are a great opportunity to afford people more responsibility and effectiveness.

It is very exciting to support teams to discover their potential and to find new ways of working together that bring out the strengths of each team member. As a systemic supervisor, I also support trainers, coaches, and leaders and enable them to reflect their work professionally.

Why do you work in Coworking Spaces? What do you like about Coworking?
When I took the step into self-employment this year, I recognized quickly that I was missing the interaction with other people. At first, I worked a lot in cafés. That was cool but had many disadvantages like the lack of infrastructure and the difficulties to make confidential phone calls. It wasn’t really very cheap either and in the end, I was still quite isolated.
In the coworking area, there is a stimulating working atmosphere and it is common to exchange opinions with fellow coworkers for example in the coffee kitchen. This allows me to meet nice people and at the same time it can provide inspiring input and new opportunities.

What do you use DESKCLOUD for and how does DESKCLOUD help you to improve your everyday business life?
I often travel to other cities and therefore enjoy the opportunity to work in a professional setting in any city. In this way, I can make better us of my time and get work done while I am out of town.

For example, I live in Bonn, but I do have a lot of appointments in Cologne. Without DESKCLOUD this was quite annoying, e.g. I often have an appointment in the morning in Cologne and then a networking event at in the evening. Now with DESKCLOUD, I am can choose a Coworking Space nearby the event for the whole day and don’t have to travel back and forth.

Why would you recommend DESKCLOUD?
DESKCLOUD offers a great deal of flexibility, easy registration and a fair pricing model, which is transparent and simple. Every Coworking Space is different, and this kind of variety is particularly exciting for people who are looking for a change. DESKCLOUD is perfect for all those people who live in metropolitan areas and often travel to other cities.

About Norman
Norman Hilbert started his career as a mathematician at the Rheinische Friedrich-Wilhelms-Universität Bonn. He learned to question even the supposedly obvious because often decisions are based on false assumptions, which leads to insufficient conclusions. Norman has more than 10 years’ experience in management consulting, including more than 7 years of leadership responsibility. His vision is to provide concrete, actionable measures for executives and employees to develop their potentials at their best. To put his vision into live, he founded his own company in 2019.